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 +====== HP MediaSmart Home Server EX475 ======
 +{{:​blog:​ex475.jpg }}
 +With only 512Mb of memory the write performance does suffer. ​ After doing a bit of reading on this [[http://​thegreenbutton.com/​forums/​thread/​233727.aspx|forum]] thread.
 +I decided to upgrade the memory
 +  * [[http://​www.homeserverhacks.com/​2007/​12/​upgrade-memory-in-your-hp-ex470.html|Upgrade memory in you HP ex475]]
 +  * Crucial part [[http://​www.crucial.com/​uk/​store/​partspecs.aspx?​imodule=CT25664AA667|CT25664AA667]]
 +  * or from Ebuyer - http://​www.ebuyer.com/​product/​142383
 +This made a phenomenal difference before I was only getting a max of 20Mb/s on writes now I get 35Mb/s due to all the additional cache. W00t!
 +{{tag>​NAS WHS}}