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 +{{cylo.gif }} When you replace the **desktop.app** with your own application,​ it would be handy still to be able to get back to the desktop to try other things. ​
 +The bootstrapper would be a program that would replace the **desktop.app** and be configurable as to how long it should wait before launching an auto startup application. ​ It's operation is along the same lines as the LILO / GRUB boot loaders.
 +  - Copy the cylo.app onto the cybiko using the Console.
 +  - cp desktop.app olddesk.app
 +  - cp cylo.app desktop.app
 +  - rm cylo.app
 +I also like to remove the //​logo.app//​ to make the startup just a little faster.
 +Now reboot the cybiko and begin setting up your bootable programs.
 +If it all turns to custard or you just want to put the cybiko back to its original state, then you rename the olddesk.app to desktop.app. ​ If that doesn'​t solve it then you can run the [[Tools|cybiko installer]] and completely reset the cybiko.
 +The first time the program is started no programs would have been setup so you will be presented with the menu screen immediately. ​ Once a **DEFAULT** has been selected autoboot mode will be enabled.
 +  * //<​INS>//​ Insert a program. ​ Selected from a list of *.app programs.
 +  * //<​DEL>//​ Delete program from the list.  The actually program will not be removed.
 +  * //<​ENTER>//​ Boot selection. ​ Start the selected application.
 +  * //<​SELECT>//​ Mark as default. ​ Selection will become the autoboot program, the title will change to show this.
 +  * //<​TAB>//​ Show the Settings
 +    * //​Autoboot//​ (on/off) should the program start in this mode. Default: on
 +    * //Timeout// How many seconds to wait before autobooting
 +  * //<​ESC>//​ Exit application,​ if you are running cylo from the desktop then this will exit the application you would expect. ​ One the cylo has replaced the desktop this key will restart the application.
 +The options are saved in a file named //​cylo.dat//​ if this is deleted the program will reset with it's default first loaded behaviour.
 +Configuration file //​cylo.dat//​ is struct that is serialized to flash, and it not easily editable by hand.
 +The title of the application contains the name of the default application. ie //CYLO - serialrelay.app//​
 +It must be noted that once an application has been launched the cylo.app program will continue to persist in memory, it does not terminate after launching its boot application. ​ When the boot program has exited FOCUS will be return to cylo which will refresh and continue processing keyboard events.
 +====Psuedo code====
 +  function start(application)
 +     if not start_module(application) then
 +        display "​Cannot launch <​application>"​
 +     else
 +        wait for CYLO focus event
 +     fi
 +  autoboot mode = false
 +  If configuration file exists then
 +    Read configuration file.
 +    if there is a default program then
 +       ​AUTOBOOT=true
 +  fi
 +  timeout = (read as setting default:5)
 +  display "Any key to enter the menu"
 +  while autoboot mode and timeout > 0
 +    display "​Booting +default program+ in +timeout+ seconds"​
 +    Wait 1 second looking for message
 +    if any keyboard event then
 +      autoboot mode = false
 +    fi
 +    timeout = timeout - 1
 +  end while
 +  if timeout == 0 then
 +    start(default application)
 +  fi
 +  Display populated list of all available programs
 +  while message
 +    scan for keyboard event
 +      case key
 +           INS: display insert dialog, get new program name and save config file
 +           DEL: delete currently selected program and save config file
 +         ​ARROW:​ move cursor up/down
 +        SELECT: mark current selection as default and save config file
 +           TAB: display setting page
 +         ​ENTER:​ start(selected program)
 +             ?: Display help text
 +           ESC: Exit application (not useful when cylo has replaced the desktop.app)!
 +      esca
 +   end