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 +======From the Desktop======
 +  * '​**SPACE**'​ - turns your Cybiko into a clock!
 +  * '​**?​**'​ - display System Information (User; CyOS and System Pack version; Flash/RAM total and free; Battery Charge level).
 +  * '​**a**'​ - display battery level indicator (for a few seconds).
 +  * '​**h**'​ - other System Information (ID; Hardware, Software, CyOS and System Pack Version; Battery Charge level)..
 +  * '​**1-9**'​ - shortcut to launch an Application based on the order it is listed. If "Music Composer"​ is the first Application in your Application menu, pressing "​1"​ will run it.
 +======Function keys======
 +Across the top of the Cybiko are seven (7) buttons. There is a reference somewhere on the Cybiko website that says pressing "​Fn-F2"​ will change the contrast of the LCD screen. There is no key labeled "​F2"​ but it seemed logical that the row of extra buttons across the top would be the function keys. Perhaps in the earlier revision of the Cybiko (the one with a sliding on/off switch), these buttons had Fx labels rather than the icon/​pictures.
 +  * F1 (Cybiko "​swirl"​ logo) - takes you back to the Cybiko desktop.
 +  * F2 (Telephone) - takes you to the Chat program.
 +  * F3 (Face) - takes you to CyCommunity (friend finder).
 +  * F4 (Alarm Clock) - takes you to Applications.
 +  * F5 (Dice) - takes you to Games.
 +  * F6 (Target) - takes you to the Labyrinth game, if installed, else it does nothing.
 +  * F7 (CyB) - takes you to CyLandia, if installed.
 +======Fn-Function keys======
 +(press Fn, release, then press the specified function key)
 +  * Fn-F1 - '​**turn sound on/​off**'​. The speaker icon at the bottom right of the main desktop will either be a speaker with lines coming out of it (sound on), or a speaker with an "​X"​ over it (sound off).
 +  * Fn-F2 - '**LCD contrast**'​. Holding Fn while pressing F2 will toggle through four levels of screen contrast. A bar graph will display on the bottom portion of the screen indicating the level.
 +  * Fn-F3 - '​**turn vibration on/​off**'​. Each press will generate either a short vibration (off), or a long vibration (on). There does not appear to be a screen indicator of this status.
 +  * Fn-F4 - '​**alarm on/​off**'​. This will emit an alarm "​beep"​ (alarm is on) and the alarm "​bell"​ icon will appear. Pressing again will generate the same sound, but the alarm icon will go away (alarm is off).
 +  * Fn-F5 - '​**radio mode on/​off.**'​ This appears to enable or disable the transmitter. When the transmitter is off, an icon of two Cybikos with an "​X"​ between their antenna will appear in the lower left of the screen. When the transmitter is on, that icon is replaced by a face with the number of Cybikos in range.
 +  * Fn-F6 - '​**enable/​disable Power Saver mode'​**
 +  * Fn-F7 - '​**mail check.**'​ At least with the latest software (1.3.55), pressing Fn-F7 will display (briefly) a message along the bottom of the screen showing your mail status such as "​unread:​ 0, outbox: 0".