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 +======Music File Format======
 +structure of a .mus file
 +^Offset00: | BYTE the value 0x00 (i think this indicates that this is a .mus file, picture files are identified by 02)|
 +^ Offset01: | BYTE the value 0x01 (i believe this is the number of music sequences in the file.  there is a similar byte like this in a .pic file, indicating the number of pictures in the file)|
 +^Offset02: | WORD the length of the musical sequence. ​ This value will be a multiple of 2.|
 +^Offset04: | music data, with (note,​length) pairs until the end of the file|
 +As far as i've been able to tell, the value 0x08 is C-4 on the midi scale,
 +and increases/​decreases in half-steps. 0xFF  is a pause.
 +i'm not sure what the lengths are measured in, but 0x20 is a pretty decent
 +quarter note.