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 +The relay control program allows remote control of an AVR relay block.\\
 +It does this by sending a string that can be interpretted by the AVR microcontroller board to a remote cybiko that is connected to the RS232 port of the AVR.
 +The project would be similar to that done with a GSM phone except that a Cybiko would  be in its place. ​ See worked up [[http://​www.dbzoo.com/​hw/​smsrelay/​index.html|GSM Solution]]
 +  - Assumes that the relay board has an initial state of all OFF 
 +  - Needs to handle the fact that the AVR board states and the Cybiko program can get out of sync, if either is reset independantly. ​ The introduction of a status command that will return the state of all relays would help solve this (and also the assumption in point 1, above.).
 +^ Code ^
 +| {{relaycontrol_1.3.zip}} |
 +=====Change Log=====
 + ​29-May-05 1.3 Updated graphics
 + ​13-Apr-05 1.2 Xmited commands are now carriage return terminated.  ​
 +               ​Modification of AVR code to self test relays on startup. ​
 +               RS didn't seem to work?? not sure why, reworked code.
 + ​03-Apr-05 1.1 Sends IDENT message to serialrelay to allow feedback
 +               ​Processes feedback information from AVR relay board to update ​
 +               GUI with the exact states of relays.
 + ​28-Mar-05 1.0 Initial release