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 +======Using the Vibrator motor drive lines======
 +From some experiments by DK\\
 +This is based on a BE idea that the little vibrator motor might be
 +put to another use.
 +The idea is that since there is an SDK function to activate the drive to this 
 +motor, we might use this as the basis for performing another function.
 +e.g. we haven'​t (so far) found an SDK call to perform a 'hard reset' of a Cybiko. ​
 +With a bit of rewiring, the vibrator drive line might be made to do this for us.
 +So, the 1st thing to check was to see if the vibrator might be '​disabled'​ from ever 
 +running during '​normal'​ Cybiko startup and operation. ​
 +There are several places where this must be done.
 +The first is in the '​Settings'​ page (accessed from the main desktop).
 +Select '​Setting',​ '​System'​ and scroll to the bottom of the options list. Turn Vibration off.
 +Next, goto the '​Settings',​ Alerts'​ page and turn off vibration on each of the Mail, Chat, People and Games pages.
 +Now, we have the Cybiko setup so as not to run the vibrator during normal use.
 +Fortunately,​ the SDK calls which control the vibrator do not reference any of these settings, so it's simple to run the vibrator via a piece of code.
 +<code c> 
 +cWinApp_pause(main_module.m_process,​ 250);