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 [[wp>​cybiko]] [[wp>​cybiko]]
-To contact me post a message ​at the [[http://thinkable.us/​phpbb2/​|cybiko forums]] to the author '''​dbzoo'''​ or drop me an email: [[webmaster@dbzoo.com]]+To contact me post a message ​on the forums ​[[http://www.homeautomationhub.com]]
 =====Software===== =====Software=====
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   * {{cybiko:​cybiko_icons.zip|Windows Icons}} - Four Cybiko icons    * {{cybiko:​cybiko_icons.zip|Windows Icons}} - Four Cybiko icons 
   * {{cybiko:​Game_Developers_Guide_to_Cybiko.pdf}}   * {{cybiko:​Game_Developers_Guide_to_Cybiko.pdf}}
 +  * {{cybiko:​CybikoloadSetupUK.zip}} - Windows file upload manager
 ==File Formats== ==File Formats==
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   * [[RegisterAccess|Accessing H8 hardware registers from bytecode]]   * [[RegisterAccess|Accessing H8 hardware registers from bytecode]]
   * [[DirectAccessOfLCD|Direct access of LCD]] (HD66421) using hardware registers   * [[DirectAccessOfLCD|Direct access of LCD]] (HD66421) using hardware registers
 ====C (H8 native)==== ====C (H8 native)====
   * [[UnixH8Compiler|H8 cross-development environment]] Compiler/​Linker/​Assembler   * [[UnixH8Compiler|H8 cross-development environment]] Compiler/​Linker/​Assembler
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 ===== Discussions ===== ===== Discussions =====
-Have a question, comment or some feedback ?  Lets talk about it!\\ +Have a question, comment or some feedback ?\\ 
-**Login/Register to leave comments**.+You can get me over on http://www.homeautomationhub.com/​
 {{tag>​cybiko}} {{tag>​cybiko}}