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 +====== Thumbnail cache and the NSLU ======
 +Why is it when I access my NSLU with a directory full of images it takes forever to recompute the thumbnails? Aren't these suppose to be cached in the Thumbs.db file?
 +It would seem SAMBA doesn'​t always play nicely.
 +This translates to having to perform the following on my SLUG.
 +-bash-3.2# pwd
 +-bash-3.2# cat user_smb.conf
 +# Allow thumb.db to be created
 +nt acl support = no
 +So now that the Thumbs.db files are being created I really don't care to see them.
 +This requires a modification to the /​etc/​samba/​smb.conf file the crucial line is the hide files directive.
 +[DISK 2]
 +valid users=@"​administrators",​@"​everyone"​
 +comment=For everyone
 +writable = yes
 +write list=@"​administrators",​@"​everyone"​
 +hide files = /​Desktop.ini/​desktop.ini/​RECYCLER/​Thumbs.db/​