Thumbnail cache and the NSLU

Why is it when I access my NSLU with a directory full of images it takes forever to recompute the thumbnails? Aren't these suppose to be cached in the Thumbs.db file?

It would seem SAMBA doesn't always play nicely.

This translates to having to perform the following on my SLUG.

-bash-3.2# pwd
-bash-3.2# cat user_smb.conf
# Allow thumb.db to be created
nt acl support = no

So now that the Thumbs.db files are being created I really don't care to see them. This requires a modification to the /etc/samba/smb.conf file the crucial line is the hide files directive.

[DISK 2]
valid users=@"administrators",@"everyone"
comment=For everyone
writable = yes
write list=@"administrators",@"everyone"
hide files = /Desktop.ini/desktop.ini/RECYCLER/Thumbs.db/