From the Desktop

  • 'SPACE' - turns your Cybiko into a clock!
  • '?' - display System Information (User; CyOS and System Pack version; Flash/RAM total and free; Battery Charge level).
  • 'a' - display battery level indicator (for a few seconds).
  • 'h' - other System Information (ID; Hardware, Software, CyOS and System Pack Version; Battery Charge level)..
  • '1-9' - shortcut to launch an Application based on the order it is listed. If “Music Composer” is the first Application in your Application menu, pressing “1” will run it.

Function keys

Across the top of the Cybiko are seven (7) buttons. There is a reference somewhere on the Cybiko website that says pressing “Fn-F2” will change the contrast of the LCD screen. There is no key labeled “F2” but it seemed logical that the row of extra buttons across the top would be the function keys. Perhaps in the earlier revision of the Cybiko (the one with a sliding on/off switch), these buttons had Fx labels rather than the icon/pictures.

  • F1 (Cybiko “swirl” logo) - takes you back to the Cybiko desktop.
  • F2 (Telephone) - takes you to the Chat program.
  • F3 (Face) - takes you to CyCommunity (friend finder).
  • F4 (Alarm Clock) - takes you to Applications.
  • F5 (Dice) - takes you to Games.
  • F6 (Target) - takes you to the Labyrinth game, if installed, else it does nothing.
  • F7 (CyB) - takes you to CyLandia, if installed.

Fn-Function keys

(press Fn, release, then press the specified function key)

  • Fn-F1 - 'turn sound on/off'. The speaker icon at the bottom right of the main desktop will either be a speaker with lines coming out of it (sound on), or a speaker with an “X” over it (sound off).
  • Fn-F2 - 'LCD contrast'. Holding Fn while pressing F2 will toggle through four levels of screen contrast. A bar graph will display on the bottom portion of the screen indicating the level.
  • Fn-F3 - 'turn vibration on/off'. Each press will generate either a short vibration (off), or a long vibration (on). There does not appear to be a screen indicator of this status.
  • Fn-F4 - 'alarm on/off'. This will emit an alarm “beep” (alarm is on) and the alarm “bell” icon will appear. Pressing again will generate the same sound, but the alarm icon will go away (alarm is off).
  • Fn-F5 - 'radio mode on/off.' This appears to enable or disable the transmitter. When the transmitter is off, an icon of two Cybikos with an “X” between their antenna will appear in the lower left of the screen. When the transmitter is on, that icon is replaced by a face with the number of Cybikos in range.
  • Fn-F6 - 'enable/disable Power Saver mode'
  • Fn-F7 - 'mail check.' At least with the latest software (1.3.55), pressing Fn-F7 will display (briefly) a message along the bottom of the screen showing your mail status such as “unread: 0, outbox: 0”.
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