Using the Vibrator motor drive lines

From some experiments by DK
This is based on a BE idea that the little vibrator motor might be put to another use.

The idea is that since there is an SDK function to activate the drive to this motor, we might use this as the basis for performing another function. e.g. we haven't (so far) found an SDK call to perform a 'hard reset' of a Cybiko. With a bit of rewiring, the vibrator drive line might be made to do this for us.

So, the 1st thing to check was to see if the vibrator might be 'disabled' from ever running during 'normal' Cybiko startup and operation. There are several places where this must be done.

The first is in the 'Settings' page (accessed from the main desktop). Select 'Setting', 'System' and scroll to the bottom of the options list. Turn Vibration off.

Next, goto the 'Settings', Alerts' page and turn off vibration on each of the Mail, Chat, People and Games pages.

Now, we have the Cybiko setup so as not to run the vibrator during normal use.

Fortunately, the SDK calls which control the vibrator do not reference any of these settings, so it's simple to run the vibrator via a piece of code.

cWinApp_pause(main_module.m_process, 250);
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