New release 57-17-080808-15-QPG-402-000 and 57-17-080808-15-QPG-403-000 for both ISTAR mini 1.1 and 1.3

Release notes:
1. Greatly improved MKV playback.
2. Changed to 8bpp font, should improve subtitle text
4. Subtitle rendering fix
5. Aspect ratio zoom improvements
- "4:3 Ltrbox", "4:3 Pan-Scan", "16:9", "16:10", "Actual size", "Fullscreen"
6. Revert "turn off SPDIF when exits mono", changed to "turn off SPDIF when go to standby"
7. audio volume range change from -48dB~1dB to -43dB~6dB (44 is 0dB, boosted volume indicated in Red)
8. Improved bitrate throughput of playback over SMB to ~38Mbps, up from ~25Mbps. Same as NFS performance now.
9. USB HDD spindown
10. Fixed info display bug (garbled characters) in audio playback
11. Screensaver for audio playback
12. Ogg Vorbis and Vorbis in MKV support
13. Fixed dummy IP (-) on manual network when no network available
14. Fixed wmv no sound after playback mov h.264 files 
15. Fixed ts clips audio detection error for Breakfast_20080708_06300900.ts
16. Fixed samba name and passwords too long cannot be saved correctly
17. Fixed data CD unable to access
18. Earlier detection of width/height and Aspect Ratio information
19. Minor url encoding/decoding fixes
20. Web Services editable URL increased to 10
21. Added ability to name your Network Shares, instead of just pathname
22. File operation UI (copy, move, delete, add, remove, clear) - Press FILEMODE key
23. New MKV demux from Haali, improved MKV decode performance above
    33Mbps from local HDD, SMB and NFS shares. HTTP performance
    still below 20Mbps
24. Auto TV fix in DVD navigation
25. Fixed ISO crash on VESA mode
26. Yellow/Black subtitle
27. Samba browsing on Media Source page
28. Fixed wrong name at left plane for Data Disc main page
29. Fixed myiHome folder with space or other special character unable to access content
30. Fixed play apps cannot start when there is problems with themes
31. Fixed screen saver images in themes not working
32. Fixed sometimes DVD navigation return immediately enter into screen saver
33. Fixed subtitle text wrapping went out of screen
34. Increased text width for new subtitle color option
35. Fixed photo slideshow unable to repeat
36. Photo slideshow, added "No transition effect"
37. Integrated NZBGet and Transmission BT client to firmware (except BT UI)
38. Subtitle
- fixed slight flashing when in 1080p24 output
- fixed external subtitle disappear after seek in MKV
- fixed certain SMI subtitle causes playback freeze
39. Network share
- fixed unable to add NFS URL if the share folder name contains only a single letter
- fixed NFS client mount failure
- "Remote Samba Servers" renamed to "Network Browser".
40. MKV fixes
- fixed certain VC1 playback freeze on the first frame
- fixed audio track switching involving Vorbis
- fixed DTS audio drop(stuttering) issue
- fixed aspect ratio bug
- Fine-tune seek and fast forward
41. Latest Atheros WiFi driver v3.2.0.17
- Known issue: WEP connection is not working;
42. Changed File Operation menu font size to smaller to match rest of browser
43. Added SATA CD-ROM drive support (for boards with PCI2SATA)
44. Improved SVCD detection.
45. Support sharing of CD-ROM through USB slave (for board with USB slave controller only)
46. Changes in FTP password handling to reduce corruption.
47. Fixed time zone setting not effective bug
48. Fixed system bootup freeze with USB WiFi plugged in
49. Fixed PMT detection error causing wrong video subtrack selected
50. Fixed DVD audio: cannot set to Chinese
51. Fixed auto-login latency for unmounted NFS share