Release Note - NMT Apps Version 00-17-090115-15-QPG-40x

   1. Minimum firmware version to use this NMT App is 50-17-090201-15-QPG-40x-000
   2. Improved on samba client browsing time and server boot up time
   3. Fixed occasional slow samba response
   4. Upgraded to nzbget 0.51
   5. Upgraded to nzbgetweb 1.2 (Categories can be modifed in mntsyb8634nzbgetwebsetting.php5)
   6. Various Casgle fixes
   7. Fixed FTP password saving
   8. Improved Setup Page loading time
   9. Remove btpd, using Transmission as default BT client
  10. Fixed sometimes unable to access casgle web ui
  11. Fixed HDD spin-up during standby

Installation instructions:

   1. Rename downloaded file to syb8634.nmt.
   2. Copy to the ROOT directory of your USB stick.
   3. Plug the USB stick, to the USB port above the LAN connector.
   4. Power up your player.
   5. Access setup and maintenance and NMT setup wizard.
   6. Choose USB update method