iStar as a remote Music player

Installing a MPD daemon onto your iStar allows you to remotely, that is from any MPD client, queue and play music on your iStar. Perfect if you stereo is not right next to your computer when you are working.

MPD cross compiled to MIPSEL

Installation assumes you have COMMAND LINE access on your iStar.

  1. mkdir -f /share/Apps/mpd /share/Apps/mpdAudioPlugin
  2. UNZIP the downloads and untar the files into their own directories in /share/Apps
  3. cd /share/Apps/mpd/
  4. sh
  5. cd /share/Apps/mpdAudioPlugin
  6. sh

Modify the mpd.conf and setup a hardcoded path for the plugin

audio_output {
        type        "smp86xx"
        load        "/share/Apps/mpd/plugins/"
        name        "My Sigma Chip"
        engine      "0"          # optional
        decoder     "1"          # optional
        ramdac      "1"          # optional
        line_count  "2048"       # optional
        fifo_us     "500000"     # optional
        hdmi        "sii9134"
        mixer_type  "software"
#       mixer_type  "hardware"

Start it up

/share/Apps/mpd/ start
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