AMDOC's will produce a set of hyper-linked HTML documents that reflect the current state of an Amarta LW repository

There are two seperately maintained versions of AMDOC, one for version 3 of the LW repository and another for V5 and later.

Each download distribution set is completely self contained and only requires the installation of a JVM inorder for it to operate.

Change Log

 ?? Version 3.01 (19-Mar-2004) ::
* Descriptions text for the lifecycles page will correctly retain the carriage returns enter via the Amarta Desktop. (BE)


 ?? Version 3.00 (8-Mar-2004) ::
* Initial release for Amarta LW 3.0 repository (BE) 
* Amarta LW repository extensions for tracking; lifecycle interactions, entity states, task entity state interaction (BE) 


 ?? Version 5.0 (25-Apr-2003) ::
* Initial release for Amarta LW >5.0 repository (BE) 


 ?? Version 5.0 patch 1 (29-Apr-2003) ::
* Displays NOT IN SELECT for the relevent entities (BE) 
* Lear Entity synonym shown if different from the base entity name (BE) 
* Show cache entity flags setting if not 'A' (BE) 
* display lear hints, and lear order attributes (BE)


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