Boot Logo Tutorial

Did you know that you can replace the Cybiko boot logo with another photo or with an application?

The only drawback is that you will lose password protection of your system if you do this. However, if you replace the boot logo with BootViewer then you will retain password protection.

The logo that is displayed on power up is actually as much a standard Cybiko application as any game. With the exception that this app also password protects your system (if you have than enabled) to prevent others from using it.

All you need to do to replace the logo with your own application that auto-starts on power up is to send a file to your Cybiko with the SDK Console. The name of this file must be the following:

  • First you need to use CyberLoad to load a picture onto the cybiko. To do this, download CyberLoad from and install it. Next, start up CyberLoad. Select Tools and then Converter on the top menu bar. When the Converter window opens, select File and Open to view a picture to send to your cybiko. Modify this photo as you like and then send it to the cybiko as file name: logo.pic
  • View this photo on the cybiko to make sure that it transferred ok. To do this, run the application “Uploader & File Manager” on the cybiko. Scroll down until you see the photo that you transferred and then press <Enter> to view it. Press <Esc> when you are done looking at it. Does it look okay? If not, repeat step 1 and get it looking how you want before going to step 3.
  • The file name must be exactly: logo.pic All letters must be in lower case. If it is this exact name, go to step 4 now. If it is not this exact name, the you need to rename it at this point. In the “Uploader & File Manager”, scroll down until you have selected your picture. Hold down the <Fn> and press <Enter>. Scroll down to Rename and then press <Enter>. Type in: logo.pic and then press <Enter>. The filename should now look correct. Press <Esc> to exit.
  • Next, you need to download and install the BootViewer application from here
  • All done! Turn off your Cybiko and turn it back on to view your photo on power up.
Hold down the Enter key when the photo appears to view it as long as you want.
  • Install the Cybiko SDK found at
  • Start up the SDK Console program, turn on your cybiko, and connect up the cybiko-to-PC cable.
  • Type 'ver' and then hit the Enter key in the bottom line of the SDK Console. If you don't see something like 'CyOS v. …….' then you probably have a cable or COM port setting problem. Change some settings and retry this step until you see this message after typing 'ver' <Enter>.
  • In the bottom line of the SDK console, type the following and then press the Enter button:
  • All done! Turn off the power and then turn it back on to test the results.
  • To restore the original logo, later, use the file provided here. You will need to use WinZip to convert it to before you can use it. You will then need to use the Send feature in SDK Console.

To replace Desktop with auto-start a program

If you want a program to automatically run on power up in place of the desktop.

  • Just rename the file to the file name
  • Send the to the cybiko using the SDK Console:
  • All done! On power up, the application will automatically start.

When the application is quit - as it is now the desktop it will be automatically restarted. The application cannot be terminated.

If you replace the with cylo, the cybiko bootloader, you can then use this program to manage what program should be automatically started.

It will be the only time you will need to do this step.
You can even start the again from cylo!

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