The relay control program allows remote control of an AVR relay block.
It does this by sending a string that can be interpretted by the AVR microcontroller board to a remote cybiko that is connected to the RS232 port of the AVR.

The project would be similar to that done with a GSM phone except that a Cybiko would be in its place. See worked up GSM Solution


  1. Assumes that the relay board has an initial state of all OFF
  2. Needs to handle the fact that the AVR board states and the Cybiko program can get out of sync, if either is reset independantly. The introduction of a status command that will return the state of all relays would help solve this (and also the assumption in point 1, above.).


 29-May-05 1.3 Updated graphics
 13-Apr-05 1.2 Xmited commands are now carriage return terminated.  
               Modification of AVR code to self test relays on startup. 
               RS didn't seem to work?? not sure why, reworked code.
 03-Apr-05 1.1 Sends IDENT message to serialrelay to allow feedback
               Processes feedback information from AVR relay board to update 
               GUI with the exact states of relays.
 28-Mar-05 1.0 Initial release
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