Java Toad

JToad is a platform portable Oracle schema browser. It provides a similar interface and functionality as another well known product of a similar name.

  • Platform portable (Java)
  • Multiple sessions
  • Context sensitive objects
  • Schema Browser
  • ERD Diagrammer
  • SQL Editor
  • Source code available


  • [design] The Command/Action list could be made into a generic set of classes, re-usable my other projects that require those menu items. → BE
  • [design] All Actions invoke the setCommand method - Why can't this be done in the MyAction super-class. → BE
  • [design] Resolve duplicate class naming for StatusBar - jtoad.gui & jtoad.schema → BE
  • [code] Display active session in the MDI status bar. → BE
  • [code] Re-write generic SQLDataViewer class (SQL executor) that can be shared between the SQLEditor and the SchemaBrowser → BE
  • [code] Investigate space and semi-colon issue in SQLEditor → BE


  • [code] Implement Delete Row and Insert Row toolbar button for the Data viewer → BE
  • [code] PersistanceManager saves password in clear text into the sessions file → BE
 ?? Version 0.3 (23-Jul-02) ::
* User selectable Oracle driver - 100% java runtime using thin drivers now possible (BE) 
* Persistance session management - Successful Login session details are now saved. (BE) 
* ERD Diagrammer added (BE)


 ?? Version 0.2 (17-May-2002) ::
* i18n support for France and Taiwan (FR,ZH) (BE) 
* Additional context sensitive menu options (Drop, Enable and Disable) for a Job object. (BE) 
* Splash screen added (BE) 
* Pre-empted loading of classes in the background whilst waiting for user input on the connection dialog. (BE) 
* Improved layout for the About Dialog (BE) 
* i18n fixes (BE) 
* Added truncate table context menu for table objects.
* Action confirmation for the Drop/Truncate context menu options. (BE) 
* Save button for the script panel (BE) 


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